Charity for Sports

Charity for Sports in Lebanon

An ambitious way to push the community to engage in social activity is via sports, especially the young generation that are able to train harder and for longer periods in order to reach their goals. In certain cases, it becomes a dream for these young athletes to achieve higher goals such as becoming a national champion or aiming at receiving many awards.

Imad Jomaa Foundation looks forward to support all talented athletes offering them all the required trainings, sports equipments and much more for them to be able to succeed and become who they hope to be.

The Lebanese football league is being rather disregarded by social responsibilities including the government that has not been investing in any way to support the league and the national team. Imad Jomaa Foundation will certainly give credits to the Lebanese football league by taking the lead and covering all expenses and needs that will help the team target bigger goals and represent the Lebanese name in important championships.