Imad Jomaa Foundation is a national, non-profit and a non-governmental Foundation. It was established in Lebanon upon the vision of its founder, Mr. Imad Jomaa, along with a fundamental goal of supporting startups and small businesses that are engaged in digital media and production technologies.

We believe in ideas, individuals, and sustainable development in the community. So, we are dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, put precise goals, and achieve them through funding and mentorship.



Imad Jomaa’s Foundation mission is to encourage entrepreneurship ideas that aim to invest in digital media and production technologies in the MENA region.


The Foundation will assign up to 50,000$ for each creative startup. We are aiming to give every idea the support it needs to thrive as a small successful business.

We are targeting entrepreneurs within wide range of fields: Interactive and creative designs, Digital Advertising, Audio and Video, Data, Holograms, VR, AR, Digital Art, Creative technology, Digital media technology, Production technologies, etc.


At Imad Jomaa Foundation, we believe in:

  • Professionalism We work hard to understand the community needs for a entrepreneurships and innovations. The quality of the support we offer as a foundation, is a priority.
  • Excellence We deliver what we promise and maintain the highest standards in everything we do to add value beyond expectations.
  • Innovation We welcome new perspectives, constantly looking to innovate and seek to realize creative ideas.
  • Integrity We uphold the highest ethics in all our actions, both as individuals and as a foundation.
  • Commitment We are committed to helping our “community” succeed.